How to use Outfit Builder

  • 1

    Before creating an outfit, you should set your Style DNA. This will tell the engine what you look like. Adjust your colouring (eyes, skin and hair), height and body type (be honest, this is not online dating).

  • 2

    Got it? Now, click on Outfit Builder, decide whether you want to create your own outfit or whether the outfit you need is for an occasion already listed. Once you’ve selected, you will be taken to the Outfit Builder page.

  • 3

    Now that the engine knows what you look like and what your style is, define your budget.

  • 4

    If you have brand preferences, you can choose your favourites at the bottom of the control panel.

  • 5

    What are you looking for? Click on ‘Add Categories’ and choose from the list. You can pick as many different categories as you wish.

  • 6

    Browse through the recommended items. Whenever you see an item you like, click on the ‘Add to outfit’ link (the red icon on the top left side of each item) to add it to your outfit.

  • 7

    In the Your Outfit panel, on the left side of your screen page, you'll find the items you've selected. They're clearly displayed to make it easy to visualise the outfit. You can buy, save or view your selection. Click on view to see an expanded view of your outfit and play around until to have the right combination.

  • 8

    Make sure you save your outfit before sharing it with a friend or before going on to buy.