Basic Skin Care Reminders for Men
Friday 12 January 2018
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Let’s face it - men tend to forget about caring for their skin. The rough look tends to be attractive, but why should anyone endure the pain that comes with cracking skin? The winter months, especially, bring on that dry skin, and the unnurtured look just isn't desirable. Taking care of the skin is a must to keep it looking great well into old age too. Becoming that good-looking sixty-year-old man, years from now, depends on how you treat your skin today. Choose everything, from the best razor for skin care, to skin care products based on the tips listed below.

Understand Your Skin Type

Yes, even men have to find this out. Skin is either normal, dry, oily, or a combination of any of these. Grab a piece of tissue paper to find your type. Place a piece on your forehead, another on your nose, one on your chin, and one on your cheek. If they stay for a second then fall away, you have normal skin. If they stay and start to look wet, that area is oily. Dry skin will reject the paper right away. You’ll do this test in different areas in case you have combination skin, which is the most common type for most people.

Read Product Labels

After you understand your type, read the labels for what you’re already using. Get rid of anything that does not work with your skin type. Remember, though, that some products can be used on different sections of the face. For example, those dry cheeks need moisturizer while that oily nose needs a completely different product. Use an astringent to pull oil away from the face, being mindful to use a grease-free moisturizer on oily skin. Stock up on products that work with your skin, and be mindful of the separate needs of each part of the face. Just as you would use a separate, preferably sulfate-free shampoo that’s good for your hair, you need to use separate products for different needs of the face.

Skin Care Routine


Make sure to wash your face every day. This removes the dirt from the daily grind and helps you present a fresh face. Double check your razor as well. If you’re getting a really close shave, you might be harming your skin. You want a shave that makes you look clean, but does not leave razor bumps everywhere. You may have to reconsider your blades to get better shave results. Also, remember to moisturize and wear sunscreen. Nothing ages the skin more than the sun. Make sure to double check your skin care routine to ensure it continues to serve its purpose.

Men who take care of their skin now maintain the image of youth later. A man who takes care of himself is more impressive in front of the ladies as well as in the business world. There are no downsides to maintaining healthy skin on a man’s face.

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