7 Reasons Why Beards Aren't Only a Fashion Trend
Thursday 10 November 2016
StylePilot Jon

The majority of people reading this will already understand why having a beard is simply awesome. It doesn't matter what year or century for that matter, the beard doesn't just become popular because of a trend in fashion, it becomes popular when it wants to become popular. For those who do not fully understand the power of the beard, then this article on the 7 reasons why beards aren't only a fashion trend will certainly enlighten you.

1. The History of Powerful Beards

Close your eyes for one minute and imagine through history all the most powerful men who have walked this Earth. Dating back thousands of years, you have Jesus, Beowulf, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln to name a few. The Vikings all wore beards and they were instantly feared by men around the globe. Men who can change the world have been wearing beards since prehistoric man, ancient Greece, to today.

2. Women Love Men with Beards

Forget about all those studies that say women love guys with beards, and even the ones that say women don't like beards, depending who wrote the article, the view can be askew. Get a woman alone and then ask her how she feels inside when a guy with a beard walks into a crowded room, then you see why the beard isn't just a fashion trend. Women in general, want to be near a powerful bearded man, period!

3. Men Love Men with Beards

Well, not literally here, but men do wish they could grow beards. Either they can't because of genes or restrictions in the work environment, but men want to enjoy all the perks of having a beard. They know other guys are jealous of bearded men, and they also know women find these bearded beasts irresistible. When a bearded guy walks into that room, the hairless man cringes knowing his chances went from slim to none with connecting with any available women.

4. The Power of Confidence

The beard seems to give men this unwavering confidence that allows them to take on any challenge in front of them. Once they have a beard, they no longer are concerned about petty things like fear of public speaking, fear of meeting new people, or fear of the unknown. They have this confidence about them that allows them to rise above petty concerns and take on the bigger challenges in their life head on.

5. The Conversation Starter

Whether walking into a crowded room at a party or a packed house at the convention center, guys with beards have little difficulty getting the conversation started. The beard acts like an ice-breaker, crushing uncomfortable silent pauses in conversations with questions like, "How long did it take to grow", and "Can I touch it?" Women will find any excuse to walk up to a bearded guy and tell him how he looks distinguished, melting at his every word. Compliments will come flying from every corner of the room and gravitate towards the beard.

6. The Instant Facial Makeover

Guys who have bad acne, oily skin, or just the features of a weaker man can instantly change their appearance when they grow out their facial hair. Instead of focusing on your poor skin quality, crooked nose, and wrinkles, the beard basically transforms the face and turns you into a man of power, wisdom, and beauty.

The beard hides all those imperfections and shines like a beacon, calling out to anyone within a miles radius that there is a new alpha-male in town and he is taking charge today. Treating your beard with oils and beard balms not only make the beard look more impressive, it moisturizes the skin below.

7. The Magical Powers of the Beard

There is a hidden power within the beard that makes people around you act differently than they normally would. For one thing, you instantly appear smarter when you have a beard. Your beard makes you look more creative, more sophisticated while making you look irresistible in any clothes you are wearing.

Stunning in a suit, rugged in a flannel and ripped jeans, you can not lose with the beard. Guys will be afraid of you, women will crave to be closer to you, and you have the power to manipulate them all by ditching your razor immediately.

By now, these 7 reasons why beards aren't only a fashion trend should have at least opened your eyes to the power of facial hair. For those sporting a beard, they wished this secret would never get out, for those just finding out, the world is about to get that much hairier.

Guest post from Beardoholic

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