Holiday Grooming Essentials
Wednesday 29 June 2016
Charlotte Clarke

With Britiain suffering a rather miserable summer no doubt summer holiday booking have soared. With many of us wanted (NEEDING) a little bit of sun in our lives, dreams of sandy white beaches, cool sea breezes and a bronzed tan will soon become a reality. 

However, without the need for sunblock so far in 2016, the StylePilot team have realised we're in need of a summer grooming bag make-over. 

Here's our top holiday buys:

Hair finish lotion with sage vinegar

This hair finish lotion, enriched with sage vinegar which smells rather masculine, helps to remove impurities from the hair and purify and sooth the scalp. We applied it after swimming in the sea and pool and it worked wonders! It's super lightweight and is also ideal for toning, moisturizing and refreshing the skin (we pretty much sprayed it everywhere for a refreshing boost). 

Monroe Of London Hair and Body Wash 

This 2-in-1 formula is ideal for everyday use as it leaves skin refreshed and energised. It cleanses hair without drying it out or weighing it down, while natural ingredients including Vitamin B5 maintain skin health which is essential when attempting to tan. It's amber, jasmine and lime scent lingers on the skin too, giving you little hits of scent whilst you walk. 

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black

This toothpaste helps you achieve that all important “Hollywood smile” which is essential for your holiday snaps. Without the need for harsh abrasives and bleach, the products secret ingredient is activated charcoal, which is proven to be one of the most effective and safest teeth whitener ingredients. 

ThalgoMen Intensive Hydrating Cream

This refreshing and energising daily cream is ideal for combatting post holiday dry skin. It contains patented Algue Bleue Vitale which stimulates cell renewal and is super nourishing on overworked skin. 

NS MEN Eagle Look – Eye Contour Lifting Cream

This Eagle Look” eye contour lifting cream is our go-to product if we've had a heavy night out. It contains caviar extract which helps to reduce wrinkles, minimize puffiness and activate skin renewal. Organic extract of wild northern cloudberry moisturizes and tones skin, whilst pure caffeine gives an instant “energy charge” to the skin, removing signs of stress and fatigue. 

TABAC Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Encapsulating a classic barbershop scent that retains the heritage of traditional male grooming, this deodrant is sure to protect you from dreaded BO no matter how active you are. Tabac body spray has a fine fragrance which contains bergamot, neroli and lavender and is accented with tobacco, oakmoss and vanilla making it perfect for casual day use.

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