Unveiling the Mystery Behind Manscaping
Friday 24 February 2017
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Guest post for StylePilot from iManscape.com

When you think of manscaping you likely associate it with shaving below the belt. That’s completely fine but there’s more to manscaping than what’s going on down there.

You see, at iManscape, we believe manscaping to be about excelling in all hygiene departments. The true definition of manscaping is "removing body hair for cosmetic effect". Going by that definition I’m sure you’ve done a little manscaping even if you didn’t realize it.

Should You Manscape?

If you’re shaving you’re technically manscaping… a little anyhow. Should you take this body hair removing effort further? Personally, I draw the line at shaving my arms and legs.

Manscaping can open a whole new world for your intimate life. Try trimming below the belt and see how your significant other reacts. The outcome might pleasantly surprise you.

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with paying extra attention to your hygiene and body hair. Being well maintained will change more than your appearance. There’s many other benefits to removing your body hair so let’s talk about some of them.

The Benefits to Manscaping                           

Confidence – One of the most underrated benefits of great personal hygiene is confidence. Manscaping can give you a huge boost to self-confidence that will affect other areas of your life. It’ll help your relationships, wellbeing, and career.

Hidden Inches – When it comes to shaving below the belt you’ll be more appealing to the eye. Trimming your pubic region and cleaning up the surrounding area can make you appear 2” inches longer. Obviously, this is an illusion but not a bad problem to have. You may have heard the term “the shorter the bush the taller the tree”.

Body Odor – You're going to smell better naturally. Most notable after workouts or a hard day's work. When you have less body hair you trap less sweat and dirt on yourself. Instead, its more easily absorbed into clothing or other material. In turn, your body smells better naturally and has an easier time staying fresh.

Oral Intimacy – Let’s face it. No one enjoys getting hair in their mouth. Depending on your significant other you may end up being on the receiving end of more oral intimacy. What guy wouldn’t enjoy this benefit to manscaping?

The Right Tools for the Job

When you’re ready to be more of a manscaper it’s important to use the right tools for the job. You don’t want to use your hair clippers to trim below the belt. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that and it’s not the most pleasant experience.

Instead use tools designed to tackle your individual needs. In the beginning starting off with what you’ve got can suffice but eventually get yourself a dedicated manscaping trimmer.

You’ll immediately be able to tell a big difference. Once you begin using these dedicated tools you’ll never go back to anything else.

Before You Go!

Hopefully, this article shed some light on manscaping and its benefits. Maybe you were surprised to know you already do more manscaping than you thought. Leave us a comment below if you’ve got any of your own manscaping stories to tell us or experiences to share.

Author Bio: Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A site dedicated to men, beards, and manscaping. For more from him, like this post on beard supplements, visit his website or like iManscape on Facebook.

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