Beard care: 3 top tips from an expert
Wednesday 01 November 2017
StylePilot Clare

While growing a full, rich-looking beard can be difficult enough, this is only half the battle. In order to maintain an excellent beard, you must take the appropriate measures to groom your facial hair regularly and effectively.

We spoke to Leslie Docherty from the Fat Buddha store to get some expert tips on beard care, including some recommended products to set you on your way.

Conditioning your beard

Beards need to be conditioned to keep your facial hair soft and to prevent irritation against skin; whether it’s your skin or someone else’s. Hair needs to be regularly nourished to restore the healthy oils that are lost when your beard is washed or becomes dirty.

You can condition your beard as often as you do your hair, and can use a regular hair conditioner to do this. However, a more effective treatment would be to use a specialist product such as hot beard oil. This treatment from Proraso is applied to a damp beard and will effectively moisturise and condition your full beard, leaving it feeling soft and comfortable.

Combing your beard

Occasionally running a comb or hair brush through your beard can be a great way to keep it free from tats. Ultimately, your beard requires the same care and attention as the hair on your head, so failing to maintain it can leave it looking scraggly and messy. 

It is best to use a wide-toothed comb, such as this one from Amazon. Using a fine-tooth comb will not only be an ineffective way of grooming your beard, but it will also be quite painful. Wide-tooth combs don’t attempt to separate the hair, but will instead remove any tats or dead hair. It’s essential to keep removing old hair follicles so that they do not inhibit the growth of new ones. 

Trimming your beard

Even those looking to grow their beard out must trim their facial hair regularly. This is to regulate growth and thickness in different areas of your beard. The likelihood is that some areas of your face will grow hair easier and quicker than others, so you must regularly trim your beard to ensure the length is consistent around your face.

If you are growing a long, full beard, you can trim it using vanity scissors. This will allow you to shape your beard more finely, which is especially important if you have a certain look or style in mind. For those who are looking to style their beard by shaving it, we would recommend using an electric beard trimmer or a stubble-control electric shaver. While we specialise more in beard care and pre-shave/post-shave products, we would recommend reading this helpful article in The Telegraph which details ten of the best electric shavers on the market. And also this article from Groom & Style online magazine, listing the top 5 beard trimmers. Find which one is best for what you are looking for.

Aim to spend at least a cumulative hour a week caring for your beard, making sure to moisturise your skin if you have been trimming it. Exercising good practice will encourage healthy beard growth, leaving your facial hair looking rich, full, and stylish. 

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