How to cleanse your face
Thursday 06 October 2016
StylePilot Jon

At StylePilot we are always keen on trying the latest stuff. So here we are today with The Clean Sweep from Magnitone London. And in just a few days it became a 'must have' in our bathrooms.

Whether you wear your beard with pride, or prefer a smooth shave, The Clean Sweep is powered by a 15,000 RPM Vibra-Sonic motor to deep cleanse, exfoliate and condition men's skin.

The Clean Sweep is the oily skin brush to be engineered specifically with men's skincare needs in mind, by two guys in London, Asher Nathan and David Randall.  

Why do I need The Clean Sweep?

If you live in the city, invisible micro-pollutants get trapped in your pose causing breakouts and doll/dry skin. The Clean Sweep is 5x more effective than hand washing, removing the daily grime you can't see.

- Vibra-Sonic technology actively increases blood flow to skin, making it healthier, stronger and more resilient. After 28 days of using The Clean Sweep 100% felt they had better blood circulation.

- It exfoliates and cleans under beards and facial hair where bacteria thrives and your skin can age faster if you don't shave.

- Significantly reduces skin irritation after shaving.

- Over 90% said their skin was healthier, clearer and brighter after using The Clean Sweep

How to do the clean sweep in 30 seconds. How does this work?

The 4 easy steps:

1. Wet brush head and apply cleanser or shower gel directly to it.

2. Press the ON button. Press it again for TURBO.

3. Using circular strokes, glide your brush over your entire face (and beard).

4. Rinse your face and you’re done. Now go moisturise.

And this is not all: The Clean Sweep comes into this great box (pictured below). Another gift idea for your man? 

What's in the Box?

. ‘The Clean Sweep’ Two Mode Vibra-Sonic™ Facial Brush

. Wireless USB Travel Charger

. Splashproof Travel Pouch

. HydroPro™ Brush Head

. 12 Month Warranty

. My Magnitone Membership

  Available at Magnitone. RRP of £ 85.

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