REBORN: Cinabre x Vestiaire Collective
Friday 04 November 2016
Brent Taalur Ramsey

In fashion, there’s a huge demand for repurposing, recycling and, really, anything revolving around the notions of sustainability. And, though we’ve seen several big companies take to the front lines of the sustainable fashion enterprise (the first to come to mind is, obviously, H&M’s “Conscious” line), we still want to see more designers around the world taking up the cause.


That’s why we were so excited to hear about the Cinabre x Vestiaire Collective capsule collection: a limited-edition line of more than 100 accessories produced by Cinabre and sold exclusively online at 

Entitled “Reborn,” the collection marks the first time the luxury French men’s accessories house has teamed up with what is now the largest “pre-owned luxury” site in Europe. That, along with the added bonus of being a sustainable collection, has certainly warranted a good, long browse. 

“Reborn” is a collection of scarves, pocket squares, bow ties, flower pocket pins, ties, belts and small leather goods that, while highlighting the luxury craftsmanship of Cinabre, showcase the beauty of repurposed fabrics and objects – a beautiful play on Vestiaire’s core mission to give new life to older, pre-owned luxury pieces.  

With this limited edition collection, you’ll have the chance to choose from bow ties and neckties, wallets or belts, and more – all made from materials such as traditional camouflage fabrics, old denim uniforms from “La Royale” and French Navy linen trousers. All carefully crafted in France, each piece will be personalised with a number and “dedicated” with the embossed names or initials of the new owner.  

If you’re not already familiar with the name, Vestiaire Collective has become the leading online site for the resale of designer and premium clothes and accessories across Europe, since it was launched in 2009. Offering a unique combination of cool curations (like the recent “Coat Edit”), an authentic community platform and top-notch quality control (all sold pieces are submitted for personal inspection by a team of experts before being sent to the buyer), they have now transcended the borders of La France and is now being used by 4 million members across 47 countries worldwide. 


As shoppers ourselves, we have really enjoyed using to pick up luxury garments for a fraction of the costs ­– all still in perfect condition (if not practically new and just never worn). With this collaboration with Cinabre, they’re securing their move toward increased menswear offerings, and that’s a move we’re definitely obsessed with at StylePilot. 

Since Cinabre was launched in 2011 by Alexandre Chapelier, they have quickly become known as the “Neck Dresser” because of Chapelier’s mission to modernise the classic neck tie and various other men’s accessories that have become widely outdated within modern menswear. 

It seems appropriate for a collaborative collection to bring our attention to Vestiaire’s recently increased menswear efforts, because, honestly, the two names are doing such feats to revolutionise the fashion industry: Vestiaire, with its commitment to bringing new life into pre-loved favourites, and Cinabre, with its commitment to bringing dapper back.


Together, they’re offering full-force quality with up-cycled sustainability, without sacrificing style or finances. Ranging from £95 to £145, each piece of this collection will have you wanting to wear more blazers just so you can accessorise them with flower button pins, or linen pocket squares ­– at least it does for us. 


For a final titbit about Vestiaire Collective, we've heard there are more than 100,000 new members signing up every month; if you care to join the vintage-wearing pack, where you can buy top-quality pre-loved luxury clothes and accessories, head over to and get shopping. 


Cinabre x Vestiaire Collective is now available exclusively at


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