Your Next Winter Jacket – SUPERDRY Edition
Thursday 27 October 2016
Brent Taalur Ramsey

With the start of November only a few days away, the season of thicker layers and sturdier outerwear is quickly approaching, and that means the time has come for us to reinforce our first line of defence against the elements ­– our jackets.

Winter jackets may be the most visible part of your daily ensemble, but having top style doesn’t mean you’ll have to drop your favorite look for boring (more practical) gear. We’ve partnered with SUPERDRY to show you just how cool cool-weather jackets can be; just take a look at our following favourites, and you’ll soon discover the right fabric, the right cut and, most importantly, the right look for your next winter jacket.

 Fuji Mix Double Zip Hooded Jacket

The men’s Fuji Mix Double Zip Hooded Jacket by Superdry takes quilted jackets to new heights, complete with Sherpa lining, double-layered zip fastening, outer pockets and a removable hood for an entirely utilitarian vibe. It’s practical, comfortable and perfect for the rugged yet dapper-minded man on holiday. 
Everest Parka Jacket 

Parkas are easily the most covetable items to have this season – and Superdry’s Everest Parka Jacket ticks all the boxes. You’ll stay warm all winter in this hooded jacket with a zip-and-button fastening, four front pockets and a bungee cord adjustable waistband – so durable it could even take on the mountain it’s named after. 

Real Hero Biker Jacket 

Biker jackets are always a good choice – and Superdry’s Real Hero Leather Biker Jacket could well make the hunt for your next winter jacket a no-brainer. Made with soft leather, this collarless jacket features zip fastening to keep out the harsh winds and full lining for extra protection. We understand the need to never sacrifice style for comfort, but you couldn’t ask for more warmth in style with this one. 

Rookie Pea Coat

The pea coat is an all-time classic – hands down about that. In fact, we believe in the jacket so much, we would probably go as far as saying every man should have one in his wardrobe. Don’t believe us? Just look at Superdry’s double-breasted Rookie Pea Coat and you’ll see exactly why this jacket is the king of outerwear; it’s nautical sportsmanship and classic tailoring, but most importantly it’ll keep you warm in the months to come. 

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